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How Much Monthly Traffic do I Need for Web Hosting?

How Much Monthly Traffic do I Need for Web Hosting?

How Much Monthly Traffic do I Need?

I need web hosting. However, how much bandwidth (monthly traffic) do I need?

It depends on the type of your website, its contents and the number of visitors you have.

Most of the websites will not generate more than 1 MB per visitor. Having 100 visitors per day x 30 days makes around 3000 MB or 3 GB.

If you have an image gallery, it may be a bit more costly. Consider a good quality jpeg image optimized for the web is around 300 KB. An average visitor opens about 50 images per visit. Having 100 visitors per month that makes 0.3 MB x 40 × 100 × 30 = 36000 MB or 36 GB.

Now the most bandwidth costly websites are the ones that offer big file downloads or video/audio streaming. 1 minute good quality video optimized for the web can be around 5 MB. Consider an average user plays about 30 minutes of video per visit.

Once again having 100 visitors per day makes 5 MB x 30 × 100 × 30 = 450000 MB or 450 GB.

Finally, I want to note that 100 visitors per day is quite a good result for a website. You can always start with a cheaper account and upgrade when your needs grow.

I cannot recommend the services that are offering unlimited traffic as those are typically having their methods to limit you, e.g., by a traffic caps.